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Yellow Springs Senior Center Yellow Springs Senior Citizens, Inc.
Members' Guide for Seeking Help: Front Desk (Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.) staffed by volunteers from the membership and others, they will provide information on services available and scheduled events, take requests for transportation, sort and direct inquiries and add your name to event sign-up sheets if you call and ask to be signed up. Transportation (Monday-Friday, morning and by appointment, 767-5751, extension 104) Robert Libecap, Program Manager, schedules drivers, rides and calls to confirm ride requests. She also speaks with folks interested in becoming volunteer drivers. Senior Luncheon (Monday and Wednesday, morning) Homemaker Program Manager (by appointment) Teresa Bondurant (extension 107)  is always happy to talk to those who want to know if this service is right for their needs or the needs of a family member. Support Services (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. or by appointment) Valerie French, Senior Support Services  Manager,  extension 106, will help you to find the services you need. Services provided: Consultations at the YSSC or at home visits to discuss problems and options, linkage to home care services, assessment of needs, planning for long-term or short-term care needs, care management, caregiver support, insurance counseling, help with nursing home admissions and discharges, assistance with accessing benefits and supportive programs and other services. Activities (Monday-Friday, morning 767-5751 extension 105) Corinne Pelzl, Program Manager, will handle any questions about classes held at the Center, scheduled trips/events, social gatherings, the loan of ambulatory aids and information about the Emergency Room Reassurance Program. Financial Administrator (Tuesday and Thursday, morning and early afternoon, 767-5751 extension 102) Priscilla Moore handles checks for pre-approved reimbursements. Administrative Assistant (Monday-Friday, late afternoon, 767-5751 extension 103) Lin Wood takes care of newsletter articles, Annual Appeal contributions, and scheduling for the Great Room and coordinating front desk volunteers. Executive Director Karen Wolford (767-5751 extension 101) answers questions about the organization, its work and direction, and special projects. Your questions and suggestions are welcome.
227 Xenia Avenue Yellow Springs, OH 45387 Telephone:  937 767-5751  (extension 107 for Support Services) Facebook Page: http://www.facebook. com/pages/Yellow- Springs-Senior- Center/18696567134 9542
E-Mail   Executive Director Karen Wolford Administrative Assistant Lin Wood Valerie French, Support Services Manager Transportation Program Manager Robert Libecap Activities Program Manager Corinne Pelzl Financial Administrator  Priscilla Moore Homemaker Program Manager Teresa Bondurant Website Manager Rebecca Eschliman        Know someone who needs help? Download our conventient contact sheet.
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